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Author: kromefx | Category:Color | Level:Intermediate | 12/11/2004
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Author: kromefx | Category:Basics | Level:Beginner | 11/24/2004

     Title:     Phosphorescent Fingerprint Powder Text
Author:kromefx | view all by kromefx
Category:Text Effects
Description:Create text that looks like it was created by fingerprints underneath phosphorescent glow powder.

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Step 6
Now go to filter>brush strokes>angled strokes and use direction balance: 44, stroke length: 20, sharpness:7.

Step 7
Go back to filter>distort>polar coordinates but this time select rectangular to polar. This creates the basis of the fingerprint on the text.

Step 8
Go to images>adjustments>gradient map and adjust the gradient. There are of course many phosphorescent colors, but I choose green. Just make sure whatever color you want to glow is the left most color. Make the gradient look something like this:

Step 9
Add an outer glow with whatever color you chose for your phosphorescent glow.

Step 10
If you want even more of a glow, duplicate the layer and set the blending mode to linear dodge. Your text should now closely resemble the phosphorescent glow of some fingerprint powders like they use on those forensic shows.

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