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     Title:     Vector Sunrays
Author:JoeD | view all by JoeD
Description:Learn how to make some quick sunrays using vectors, and how to create some interesting geometrical patterns.

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Step 1
Draw one ray (a stretched triangle with the shape you like). Use the Pen tool to create the initial triangle.

Step 2
Press Ctrl+T (Free Transform). Change the rotation point (in my example I have selected the one marked with the red arrow)

Step 3
Enter a value for angle (I entered 15 but you might like a different value). If you use your own value just remember for this particular application that 360 (a full circle) has to be able to be divided evenly by your value. When you've got the value in there, press enter twice.

Step 4
Press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T a few times until the shape is completed (copies of the original triangle rotated x time). Needless to say that you need to have enough space in your document for the completed shape.

Step 5
The following is directed at anyone who ignores the power of vectors; don't. The result of the above is one single shape. A shape like that can be stretched or rotated, moved, etc, without having any effect on the quality. The example that I attached makes for example use of this shape. But if you're serious about vectors, then use a program like Freehand, Illustrator, Xara etc.

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