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Author: kromefx | Category:Color | Level:Intermediate | 12/11/2004
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Author: kromefx | Category:Basics | Level:Beginner | 11/24/2004

     Title:     Tech Effect
Author:kromefx | view all by kromefx
Description:Learn a quick and easy plasma tech efect.

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Step 1
Create a new image, 500x500 pixels will be fine. Press D for default colors . Go to Filters>Render>Clouds.

Step 2
Now go to Filter>Blur>Guassian Blur. Use about 30 for the settings to give it a real smooth blur.

Step 3
Now press CTRL-U to bring up the hue/saturation menu. Adjust the top slider to pick the color you want, the middle slider to pick how intense you want that color, and the bottom slider for light and dark.

Step 4
Now duplicate the layer (go to Layer>Duplicate Layer to accomplish this) and click on the new top layer to select it.

Step 5
Now go to Filter>Sketch>Halftone Pattern and use a size of about 1 and a contrast of 5.

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