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     Title:     Making a Anti-Terrorism Poster
Author:papu123 | view all by papu123
Category:Photo Effects
Description:Hi, I was thinking of writing some tutorial that deals with grunge, darkness, horror. Then I come up with an idea of making a poster against Terrorism.

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Step 11
8. Now apply Edit > Transform > Scale to make it bigger enough to cover the baby's head. Name the layer as BLOODSPOT. Double click the bloodspot layer to open the Layer Style window. Check Drop Shadow and use setting (Distance = 0; Size=2; Opacity=25). Check Bevel & Emboss and use following setting.

Step 12
9. After all this you should get something like this.

Step 13
10. Paste the image of AK 47, desaturate as described in step 2, rotate it clockwise 90 degree and place it at the right corner of the image. Double click to open layer properties window and apply drop shadow.

Step 14
11. Now time to write something to make the poster more interesting. Here's mine. You can put anything you like.

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