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     Title:     Effective use of to use the Spot Healing
Author:papu123 | view all by papu123
Category:Photo Effects
Description:Spot healing brush is a new tool in Adobe Photoshop CS2. This incredibly innovative tool, make photo retouching much easier and faster.

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Step 6
3. You should see instant update.

Step 7
4. Now our next point of interest is the black mark. This time make the brush size 10px so that it just covers the spot. Then click just once. The black spot will be removed. Now this face looks much smoother. You can use this tool to remove skin blemishes, when retouching model pictures.

Step 8
Now we will see another example. We want to remove the bird in the sky. Select the Spot Healing tool from the tool box or press J on the keyboard. Now on the Option Bar select Mode as Normal. Select Proximity as Type and brush diameter as 10.

Step 9
Now click on the bird, make sure that the brush cover the bird fully.

Step 10
Now the bird will be removed.

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